Managing today's security risks require an agile platform

Turn to fully mobile reporting and communication with our physical security and loss prevention modules.

Keep the eyes on the field and not on the screen

Our fully mobile platform gets used a lot and without non-necessary clicks. Want a bigger screen to refine and analyse the data you've collected on the field? The platform works seamlessly on desktops and tablets as well.

Channel all the reports through one mobile interface

End-users expect clarity when it comes to reporting both planned security checks and on the go security related observations. From guard tours and security inspections to incident and event reports and more, you can direct all field processes through the same platform. As a result the threshold of reporting is decreased and the amount of observations is increased.

Built for agile collaboration and efficient communication

No matter how well we're prepared, things happen in the long run. Minimise the impact of security incidents and crisis with responsive and resilient workforce empowered by mobile communication tools. As bottlenecks and gatekeepers are removed, the right information is shared with the right people in real-time.

Automated dispatching with real-time tracking

Each type of check, event report or observation is automatically routed to just the right people based on the event type, location and department. Information can also be shared to additional stakeholders by assigning or adding participants. Lower the time spent on communicating about follow-up actions, keep track that all actions get done and as a result improve security in real-time.

Go from periodic reporting to real-time analytics

Situational awareness comes from having the right information at the right time. That's why our tools come with built-in analytics features that can be utilised whenever and wherever. Compare e.g. categories, root-causes and keywords across locations and business units to give actionable insights that help your organisation learn and adapt as a whole.

Protect your people, assets and profits

With our mobile tools, your organisation becomes more equipped to deliver first-class work to prevent losses and protect the most important - the people. Share the lessons learned across teams and departments to improve the cycle for continuous improvement. By doing this, you're pushing the security evolution in your organisation.

All your security inspection and reporting processes on a single platform

Common use cases

Security inspections and audits
Loss prevention inspections
Security investigations
Security risk assessments
Security patrols
Cyber security audits
Security equipment tests
CCTV inspections
Access Control inspections
Information security inspections
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Common use cases

External and internal fraud reports
Robberies, thefts and burglaries
Security system failures
Guard reports & guard calls
Crisis management
Security risks
Information security incidents
Other crime and loss reports
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“Collaborating with Plan Brothers is really easy and the same goes for their products. The system and interface are easy to use and don’t require extra training. It’s only a handful of service providers that act so efficiently, continuously develop their own products and deliver possible changes.”

Salla Suonperä,
Shopping Centre Manager

“Plan Brothers and its modern and easy-to-use web and mobile services have brought a significant improvement in the security audit markets. User-orientation has been our primary criterion when we have chosen the company’s services.”

Tuomo Linjala,
Real Estate Security Manager

“Plan Brothers has enabled our transition to fully mobile reporting and thus improved our real estate communication. We save several hours of time each day to handle other tasks instead of reporting.”

Matias Lehtomäki,
Security & Cleaning Manager
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