Faster reaction times for better maintained and safer maritime operations

Stay on top of safety and maintenance requirements with digital audits and observation reporting tools.

Engage all your field staff for better reports on issues

Your field staff, security guards, and technical personnel are your primary resources of maintaining the harbour and keeping it safe. Get more reports from them by enabling them to report from their mobile phone, or tablet anywhere on the premises. 

A centralised platform for all observations

Gone are the days when you had multiple channels such as email, text messages, and forms for collection of observations from the field. Our platform makes it possible to collect all the observations in one place to make the management and follow-up on tasks easier and more efficient. To tackle your reporting needs wherever you are, our platform has also offline support.

Find and fix damages faster

When goods, containers or vehicles enter and leave the port you need to make sure that any damages made are taken care of. Identify and assign needed actions on damages fast and easy with our mobile tools.

Increase the reaction time and close-outs on reported incidents

When you get data live from the field you are able to react faster, and deal with any incidents that have occurred more timely than ever before. This enables you to increase the close-out time on observations and incidents reported, which not only makes you a happier manager but also helps you increase your customer satisfaction and experience in the port.

Get automised reports on trends for better data-based decision making

With automised reports you can save time in analysis, and make needed decisions on improvement areas faster. This helps you to counter any potential safety hazards, discover trends, and find root causes faster for reported issues.

Maintain areas and equipment efficiently

When you have a system for maintaining the different areas, machines, piers, and equipment periodically you are able to ensure safe working conditions for your staff, and keep your visitors happy. Quickly track and follow-up on required actions to make sure that your premises are up to standard. Start your FREE trials today or book a demo and let's talk more!

All your field inspection and reporting processes on a single platform

Common use cases

Maintenance Audits

Health and Safety Audits

Machinery Inspections

Safety Equipment Inspections

Ship Maintenance

Rescue Boats Controls

Self-inflatable Life Raft Inspections

Risk Assessments

Periodic Inspections

Service Provider Assessments


Common use cases

Safety at Work Reports

Maintenance Tasks

Damaged Goods Reports

RO/RO Inspections

LO/LO Inspections

MOB Reports

Incident Reports

Near Miss Reports

Continuous Improvement Ideas