The runway for safety, security and operational excellence starts here

Both on the ground and in the air, inspect and report everything with our mobile reporting platform.

Final call for engaging all employees

Most of the knowledge is distributed in your field operations. To leverage all of it, you need to support the frontline with an easy and clear way to be heard, regardless of which bucket (safety, security, quality etc.) their observations belong to. Our platform is built to lower the threshold of reporting so your organisation gets all the needed signals to better adjust your course in this uncertain world.

A clear mobile interface for all inspections and observations

Strategy is essential, but in the end, operational performance and excellence go along with daily habits. Empower your workforce with a single solution for all types of inspections, checklists, forms and observations. Lower the friction of reporting and ensure you are in control of possible bottlenecks between your strategy and the tactical performance.

Supporting cross-functional collaboration

Raised issues and observations rarely belong to just one function. Collaborate across departments, speed up your operations and increase information democracy between stakeholders by empowering the daily routines with our end-to-end mobile platform for all observations and checks.

Let your information fly like things and people

Your business is to make things and people move safely from point A to point B. Let us help you do the same with your critical information. Share possible incidents and errors immediately and let the right people take the necessary actions like your organisation has no hierarchy.

Spot trends and analyse results

It is important to know where you stand but even more important to know where you are heading. Stay on the pulse with our powerful built-in analytics and continually adjust the course of your safety, security and quality processes. We can also help you connect data streams to your preferred BI tool to combine it with other variables.

Comply with requirements and learn from best practices

The aviation industry has a lot of requirements every organisation needs to comply with. Let us help you by digitalising all the necessary checks and your incident reporting processes to meet these standards. By doing this you are also emphasising cross-functional learning and implementing identified best practices across the organisation.

All your field inspection and reporting processes on a single platform

Common use cases

Cargo handling checklists

Takeoff and landing checklists

Safety/Quality/Security Audits

Fire Protection inspections

Cleaning inspections

Maintenance daily check

Security inspections

NAA Alertness Assessments

Systems reviews

Risk assessments

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Common use cases

Incident reports

Near miss reports

Service Requests

System failures and interruptions

Security checks

Cargo checks

ISAGO Load Control

Passenger handling reports

Risk register

Baggage handling reports

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