Build and maintain the quality that your residents expect

Empower your housing operations with our mobile inspection and reporting platform that works anywhere even without internet connection.

Improve quality and resident experience systematically

We deliver truly mobile-first solutions for housing covering all proactive and reactive reporting needs from cleaning to maintenance and from facilities management to property management. Unify inspection and task management practices across your operations and see the impact in quality, resident satisfaction and resolution times.

Hyper-easy-to-use mobile forms for all processes

From maintenance and cleaning to fire protection and building automation, bring all your inspection templates and forms into the same platform. We can also provide you with pre-made templates to help you get started.

Communicate effectively, document efficiently

Forget endless email threads and Word documents. Document all reports, photos and issues in one system and communicate directly with residents and service providers.

Turn your daily tasks into data-generating mobile checklists

Best housing companies know data is the new gold. Instead of tracking task compliance passively, turn all your field workers into active data-generating observers.

Compare results across properties, portfolios and units

Compare inspection scores, issue resolution times and types of service requests in real-time and see which factors have the greatest impact on operational quality.

Slash repair and resolution times

Tasks are assigned automatically to correct stakeholders and you have full transparency of what's going on and where. As a result you will see shorter repair and resolution times.

All your housing checklists and reporting forms on a single platform

Common use cases

Apartment inspections

Property condition audits

Maintenance checklists

Cleaning inspections

Move-In inspections

Move-Out inspections

Safety/Fire protection checks

Security/CCTV inspections

Preventative maintenance

Technical due diligence

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Common use cases

Service requests

Resident announcements

Resident feedback

Key orders

Incident reports

Property logs (Water Leak, Snow)

Renovation permits

Work orders

Safety observations

Tenant communication

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