On-time delivery requires operational discipline

Bring transparency and collaboration back to your field operations with our mobile inspections and reporting platform.

Engage everyone and multiply signals

Most of the knowledge is distributed in the field. To leverage all of it, your frontline just wants an easy way to be heard, regardless of which bucket (safety, quality etc.) the feedback belongs to. More signals help you to make this uncertain world more predictable.

All inspections and field reports in one channel

Operational excellence starts with safety and quality. However, your employees are not experts at defining if it's safety or quality or other types of issues they're observing. They just want to report them as easily as possible. That's where we come in.

Restore supply chain collaboration

Information silos in the supply chain create cumbersome information flows that slow down decision making. Increase information democracy between stakeholders by empowering execution with communication, and let the right people act on issues in real-time like your organisation has no hierarchy.

Let your information flow like things and people

Your business is to make things and people flow. Let us help to do the same for your critical information. Share the incidents and errors immediately with the correct people and let them act as soon as problems pop up.

Get from periodic reporting to real-time analytics

Replace the snapshots in the rear-view mirror with a 360° windscreen with an integrated HUD display. Stay on the pulse and continually adjust your safety and quality processes with our powerful analytics. We can also help you connect the data streams to your preferred BI tool.

Learn from errors collectively and transparently

Investigate underlying root causes and diffuse understanding and best practices. Let us help you take the last push towards more accurate data based decision making. Start your FREE trials today or book a demo and let's talk more!

All your field inspection and reporting processes on a single platform

Common use cases

5S walkarounds

Safety walks

Product inspections

Vehicle inspections

Quality audits

Supplier audits

Rack inspections

Forklift inspection

Management walkaround

Internal audits


Common use cases

Accident reports

Incident reports

Near misses/Safety observations

Initiatives and ideas

Damage reports

IT security violations


System failures

Hygiene deviations