About us

Transforming statutory paperwork from necessity to quick and easy web & mobile tools since 2012.

30+ Employees

1,000+ Customers

20,000+ Properties


UK award

UK Trade & Investment

Winner of Take that Tech 2 UK Competition 2014

Kasvu Open

Kasvu Open 2014

Winner of Kasvu Open Etelä-Savo 2014

Our Purpose

By combining the brightest minds from security, real estate and IT industries, we are changing the way how compliance is carried out. In all our products, we piece together elegant user experience, bulletproof IT security and modern up-to-date technologies.


“We didn't just set out to build everything for everybody. We didn't say 'We’re going to build the biggest, greatest and most holistic web service that's ever been built.' We didn't start there. We started to do just the next small things as perfectly as they can be done. We have done that every single day. And soon we had happy customers and great products.”

Olli Pölönen

“Our belief was always that things can be done a lot better. Too many times compliance and statutory paperwork are seen as liability and expense. But still, there’s a point behind every form, report, permit and plan. By transforming them to more intelligent, mobile accessible, data-generating tools, they are no longer liabilities but assets.”