Plan Brothers

We're a tech company with a passion for helping our customers adapt to the fast changing VUCA world (if you aren't familiar with the term, head to our blog to find out more). We're doing that by developing easy-to-use SaaS products that make gathering, managing, sharing and analysing field information as easy as possible for the end users.

Being lean and customer centric aren't just phrases for us. We love our customers, their views, and the positive challenges they provide us. Therefore to ensure success, our products and services are developed and tailored in close collaboration with our customers. Speaking about customers, we serve various industries, and have users in more than 70 countries.

Even more important, we're an entity consisting of entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, specialists and state of the art developers around the world. Without further ado, meet our team below.

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Sessions / month


Arttu Vesterinen
Chief Executive Officer
+358 20 1277 851
Olli Pölönen
Interim Chief Financial Officer
Anthony Jones
Chief Operating Officer
+358 20 1277 854
Okko Kouvalainen
Key Account Executive
+358 20 1277 858
Konsta Vesterinen
Chairman of the Board
+358 20 1277 852

Sales & Marketing

Juho Mäkelä
Head of Sales
+358 20 1277 850
Kaarle Parikka
Head of Marketing
+358 20 1277 856
Kari Bäckman
Key Account Manager
+358 20 1277 855
Paul Johnson
Country Manager, UK
+44 77 253 405 17
Camilla Petersen
Sales & Marketing Manager
+358 20 1277 857
Valtteri Seppälä
Account Executive
+358 20 1277 853
Kasper Lönnqvist
Customer Success Specialist
+358 40 7676 373
Alfred Escobedo
Sales Director, LATAM
+57 320 642 3874

Back office

Iris Jämsä
Head of HR & Back Office
Afnan Bayati
Controller & Accounting Manager
Miia Vesala
Back Office Specialist


Janne Vanhala
Chief Technology Officer
Lucas Thomé
Lead Designer
Vesa Uimonen
Full-Stack Developer
Pekka Pöyry
Full-Stack Developer
Tero Vuotila
Full-Stack Developer
Raul Garcia
Full-Stack Developer
Maksad Donayorov
Data Scientist and Machine Learning Engineer
Aidan Zhakypov
Full-Stack Developer
Mikhail Shavliuk
Full-Stack Developer
Bart de Ruijter
Frontend Developer
Tayyaba Taimur
Frontend Developer & UI/UX Designer
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