10x the number of observations and lessons learned

Adapt to the novel breed of risks by reaching an unprecedented level of organisational engagement.

Incident management system that people actually use

Ease-of-use equals not just more observations but more observers in the field with our sky-high adoption rates. That's what today's modern workforce is expecting. It is also preferred that the platform used for reporting incidents works on mobile, since that’s a device that everyone uses daily. Our system caters to mobile use and is developed to make reporting simple to do for everyone in the organisation.

Icon-based reporting to cover your chosen use cases

Your staff is not experts at categorising incidents in safety, security, IT, quality or other functions. Stop making them having to decide between tools and bring all into our platform. The icon based user interface makes it simple and straightforward to start reporting an incident inside a given area.

Automated routing, sharing and assigning with the need for reminding

Rapid and precise follow-up actions start by having the right information with the right people at the right time. Empower collaboration with real-time notifications, digests and reminders. Get on top of tasks that need to be done, and make it easy for the top management to see what actions were taken for different incidents. 

Category-specific forms, investigations and followup actions

The more unnecessary questions are asked, the likelihood of not reporting increases. To reduce this friction, our platform is designed so that each type of incident goes along with just the right questions, workflows, actions and investigations. Besides of that you can enrich the reports with photos and videos.

All incidents can be analysed in real-time

Organisations shouldn't be penalising employees for making mistakes, but emphasising that it's all about learning from them. Compare categories, root-causes and keywords across locations and departments to give actionable insights that help your employees to work more safely and efficiently.

Minimise response and resolution times

Your employees stop reporting the day they think it's just a bottomless pit where the incidents and observations go. With our system you'll make sure that never happens in your workplace. All the incidents reported will be stored in the platform, where you can easily check them. The follow-up action feature helps to ensure that no critical incidents and observations are forgotten.

All your incident inspection and reporting processes on a single platform

Common use cases

Hazard and risk observations
Safety observations
Near misses
Accidents and injuries
Violence reports
Disruptive behaviour reports
Food poisonings
Harassment and bullying
RIDDOR reporting
Free trial

“Collaborating with Plan Brothers is really easy and the same goes for their products. The system and interface are easy to use and don’t require extra training. It’s only a handful of service providers that act so efficiently, continuously develop their own products and deliver possible changes.”

Salla Suonperä,
Shopping Centre Manager

“Plan Brothers and its modern and easy-to-use web and mobile services have brought a significant improvement in the security audit markets. User-orientation has been our primary criterion when we have chosen the company’s services.”

Tuomo Linjala,
Real Estate Security Manager

“Plan Brothers has enabled our transition to fully mobile reporting and thus improved our real estate communication. We save several hours of time each day to handle other tasks instead of reporting.”

Matias Lehtomäki,
Security & Cleaning Manager
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