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Easy To Use For Everyone

Incy.io can be used by all different functions in an organisation, from cleaning staff and security to the executive management. You don’t have to be tech-savvy in order to understand how to use the product. The user interface is available in 23 languages.

Tracking & Follow-up

Track the reported incidents and observations, as well as assign observations to the right people, whether they're in or outside your organisation. Decrease the time spent on corrective actions and increase the clarity on the whole workflow.

Faster Reaction Time

Incy.io notifies the relevant people instantly when a new observation has been reported. No more time spent on waiting for reports or comments to go through. This helps you allocate resources, as you know instantly when and where actions are needed.

Reporting With Any Device

Incy.io is a web app that uses the most recent browser based tehnologies to help you report incidents and observations on any device. All you need is a smartphone, a tablet or a computer to run the app, report observations or follow-up on them.

Pictures & Attachments

A picture is worth a thousand words. Add pictures and attachments to the observations to enrich the data. Take a picture on the go or use an existing file. No more need for back and forth emails to get the additional information you need.

Customisable Incident Categories

You don't want separate tools for your reporting needs in different functions. With incy.io, your organisation's reporting possibilities are endless. It's easy to add the right categories, icons and additional questions to guide end-users to your preferred destination.

Multiple Locations & Sites

Keep an overview of all reported incidents and observations in your organisation, and filter them based on different locations and sites. Incy.io collects all reports and creates statistics automatically, so that you can prioritise the areas, locations and sites with the most need for attention.

Customisable User Rights

People will have different reporting needs in your organisation. Some might need access to all categories and answers, whereas some might only need access to a specific task. Create different kind of roles and access levels to help people spend time on only the tasks that matter to them.

Language Choices & Email Notifications

Operate the app and get all of the notifications in your preferred language. This can be customised on an individual user level, so everybody can use the tool with the language they prefer. We currently support over 23 languages and more are added all the time.

Open Link Reporting

With open link reporting, you can have people outside your organisation contribute by reporting incidents and observations. Collect more data for your organisation, improve pain points that external stakeholders experience, and show that their opinions matter.


Our products support a wide range of integrations. Want an AD-connection for more secured credentials? Want to integrate the data flow to your preferred BI-tool? Something else? Contact us and let's discuss your needs.

And more

Incy.io has a lot more features, but let's keep it simple - like the usability of the tool. Start the FREE 30-day trial and try it out yourself!

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