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Digitised Checklists

Ditch print outs and heavy Excel spreadsheets. Use our existing templates or import your own checklists into the system, and start cutting time immediately. The user interface is available in 18 languages.

Transparent Reporting

We emphasize information democracy. makes it possible for everyone in the company to stay up-to-date on reports made. No more scattered reports that have to be assembled.

Follow-ups Made Easy

Schedule and assign observations to the right people in and outside your company. No more back-and-forth emails to inform and get information from the right stakeholders.

Multiple Locations and Sites

Auditing and comparing results of multiple locations and sites isn’t a problem with Follow the checks and the results from the different locations and sites straight in the app.

Pictures and Attachments

A picture is worth a thousand words. Thus you can give more information by adding pictures and attachments to the observations with just a couple of clicks.

Single and Multiple Answer Types

Every question deserves a valuable answer. Edit your answer types in the questions to have open text, single or multiple choices depending on the question.

Automated Statistics will automatically generate statistics when an audit is submitted, so you get an overview right away. This enables you to make better decisions on what areas, locations and sites to prioritise more in your organisation.

Customised Templates

You can fully customise the templates you want to use in Group question with sections, add help texts and images to guide the end-user, add quick observations to speed up the highlighting of common defects, and much more.


Our products support a wide range of integrations. Want an AD-connection for more secured credentials? Want to integrate the data flow to your preferred BI-tool? Something else? Contact us and let's discuss your needs.

And more has a lot more features but let's keep it simple - like the usability of the tool. Start the FREE 30-day trial and try it out yourself!

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