Safety culture is all about adoption of keystone safety habits

Engage your entire workplace with our modern mobile platform for inspections and incident reporting.

Engage your entire extended workplace for safety goals

Do not burden your staff and other stakeholders with difficult to use tools. The true measure of success in software implementation is how well they get used. By providing your organisation with simple and easy-to-use tools you will experience an increase of reports from the field and reporting time cut in half.

Drop your IFR and LTIF close to zero

Workplace health, safety and wellbeing is a basic right of everyone. Reduce non-reported issues and multiply signals to uncover true causes for lost-time incidents. Make follow-up actions and tracking of reported observations easy to do, for a faster reaction time on issues. Identify risks in the work environment not only as they occur, but prevent them from taking place in the future.

The C in Safety Culture is for Collaboration and Communication

Implant the missing link of most behaviour-based safety programs and inspire the workforce to collaborate with our chat-based mobile communication platform. Increase transparency on what has been done on safety related tasks, and effectively improve internal communications in the entire organisation. Easily report observations on any device, and boost the amount of reports from the field as a result.

Resolve hazards and mitigate risks in real time

The hard truth is that there will never be zero defect or zero waste. Rather, it's about how efficiently an organisation can collectively solve NCRs and defects out of the shop floor and processes. With our mobile platform, the right people will be automatically informed about the relevant tasks, so that they can act on them immediately.

Spotlight your quality metrics both horizontally and vertically

Compare your most important quality metrics such as defects, nonconformances or customer complaints across sites, by time and all in real-time. The automated statistics allows you to follow the performance of all areas in your company. Double the number of reports by engaging your front line in the reporting process to get a clearer understanding of how well your organisation is actually performing.

All field processes and reporting on a single platform

From proactive inspections, audits, permits and risk assessments to reactive incident, observation, hazard and accident reports, our mobile platform helps to do it all. As the tool is flexible it can be fitted into more or less any industry. The platform is created with the end-user in mind, so that they can frictionlessly perform audits and reports in the field.

All your safety inspection and reporting processes on a single platform

Common use cases

Health and Safety audits
Health and Safety inspections
HSEQ/EHSQ audits
ISO 45001 internal audits
Safety walks
Last-minute risk assessments
Workplace risk assessments
Working at heights permits
OSHA checklists
EHS inspections
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Common use cases

Hazard and risk observations
Safety observations
Near misses
Accidents and injuries
Violence reports
Disruptive behaviour reports
Food poisonings
Harassment and bullying
RIDDOR reporting
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“Collaborating with Plan Brothers is really easy and the same goes for their products. The system and interface are easy to use and don’t require extra training. It’s only a handful of service providers that act so efficiently, continuously develop their own products and deliver possible changes.”

Salla Suonperä,
Shopping Centre Manager

“Plan Brothers and its modern and easy-to-use web and mobile services have brought a significant improvement in the security audit markets. User-orientation has been our primary criterion when we have chosen the company’s services.”

Tuomo Linjala,
Real Estate Security Manager

“Plan Brothers has enabled our transition to fully mobile reporting and thus improved our real estate communication. We save several hours of time each day to handle other tasks instead of reporting.”

Matias Lehtomäki,
Security & Cleaning Manager
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