Our ethical principles

Vows never to be broken.

Foundation for all the work at Plan Brothers

We at Plan Brothers work every day to help our customers deal with issues around safety, quality, environment, facilities and social responsibility.

When things go south, human lives, environment and shareholders’ equity are at stake.

It’s our duty to be dedicated to the very same ethical principles our customers track every day with our platform.

The ethical principles outlined in the bottom part of this page are the foundation of what we always do and will never do.

If you ever notice or even suspect us operating against these principles, please use our anonymous and secure Whistleblowing channel to let our CEO and Chairman know and take action to fix the issue.


Our work is driven by

People principles

We treat everyone fairly and equally.
We provide a safe, healthy and pleasant work environment.
We have zero tolerance for harassment, bullying or discrimination.
We have zero tolerance for child labor or forced labor.
We uphold the freedom of speech and association.

Environmental principles

We favour means of transport that generate fewer emissions.
We meet our customers and prospects mostly remotely.
We recycle whenever possible.
We obey all the environmental laws and regulations.
We diffuse environmentally friendly technologies.

Business principles

We have zero tolerance for bribery and any other form of corruption.
We protect confidentiality.
We obey laws and regulations.
We protect intellectual property rights.
We compete fairly.

Values and behavioral principles

We believe in openness in what and how we operate.
We want to earn the trust and respect of our customers every day.
We take care of our co-workers.
We are an active member of the community.
We offer only paid internships.

How do we put these principles into action?

OKR-system for company wide focus and alignment.
Team duties and responsibilities.
Biweekly sprint plannings.
Biweekly sprint demos and retros.
Continuous training and development.
Periodic 1-to-1s and development discussions.
Periodic employee surveys.
Team days and biannual off-sites.
Employee perks and benefits.
Internal newsletters and announcements.

“Collaborating with Plan Brothers is really easy and the same goes for their products. The system and interface are easy to use and don’t require extra training. It’s only a handful of service providers that act so efficiently, continuously develop their own products and deliver possible changes.”

Salla Suonperä,
Shopping Centre Manager

“Plan Brothers and its modern and easy-to-use web and mobile services have brought a significant improvement in the security audit markets. User-orientation has been our primary criterion when we have chosen the company’s services.”

Tuomo Linjala,
Real Estate Security Manager

“Plan Brothers has enabled our transition to fully mobile reporting and thus improved our real estate communication. We save several hours of time each day to handle other tasks instead of reporting.”

Matias Lehtomäki,
Security & Cleaning Manager
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