Real-time facility operations build happy tenants

The facility management of today demands open collaboration between real estate users, owners, managers and service providers.

Not just any mobile application

We deliver truly mobile-first solutions for facility management covering all processes from cleaning to maintenance and from facilities management to property management. One platform to support all of your proactive and reactive reporting needs.

Forget paper and spreadsheets

Paper and spreadsheets have their place, but they don't thrive in fast paced field process data collection. Lower the threshold of reporting and increase productivity to a whole new level by conducting all on-site documentation fully mobile.

Transparent stakeholder collaboration

Information silos create cumbersome information flows that slow down decision making. Avoid these silos and increase information democracy between stakeholders by empowering execution with communication, and let the right people act on issues in real-time like your organisation has no hierarchy.

Assign and resolve work orders on-the-go

Enrich communication and slash resolution times with transparent photo evidence and instant mobile messaging. No more back and forth emails to clarify the situation. Your clients and tenants will thank you for the increased customer experience with longer-term contracts.

Compare your properties, clients and areas over time

In the end, it's all about learning and adapting. Perfect your property quality assurance with real-time metric visibility and actionable insights. Point out and share best practices, identify where improvements are most needed, and make more accurate data based decisions.

Onsite visibility without onsite visits

It's hard to scale the amount of physical visits efficiently, but it's easy to make more out of those. Embrace data collection and transparency with our mobile first platform for today's facility management. Start your FREE trials today or book a demo and let's talk more!

All your field inspection and reporting processes on a single platform

Common use cases

Service provider assessments

Cleaning inspections

Apartment inspections

Preventative maintenance

Facility audits

Safety inspections

Move-in/Move-out inspections

Landscaping/Grounds inspections

Security system/Cameras checks

Building system inspections


Common use cases

Service requests

Property logs

Incident reports

Tenant communication


Renovation permit

Tenant feedback

Cleaning issues

Indoor air problems

Damage reports