Energy, Manufacturing & Logistics

We make it more simple to manage security, HSE, SCM and safety in the energy, manufacturing & logistics industries. With our easy-to-use SaaS software, you will always be on top of what’s happening in the field, whether it's the health of your buildings and equipment or the bottlenecks in your supply chain. As a result, you'll be better prepared for possible emergencies. Check below for more information about different use cases.

Security Audits

We know that performing security checks can be time-consuming, so let us help you take some of the burdens away. With our software you can take pictures, and make observations, and the tool automatically generates reports and analytics for you. In that way, you can invest time and resources in making sure that all security measures are up to speed and be able to use the reports generated by the software as reference points to areas where you should increase your focus.

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Near Miss Reporting

The number one bottleneck of improving safety is usually employee engagement. There’s just too much friction for reporting observed near misses and safety hazards. Enable all your employees and third parties to use handheld devices to report incidents and safety observations. This increases the number of small risks reported, which in turn reduces the likelihood of major incidents. All reports send an email to relevant stakeholders and create a report, and feeding statistics.

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Supply Chain Quality Audits & Reactive Reporting

Periodic sampling of the quality standard, with immediate reports on quality deviations, is important. Having clear analytics on this help take preventative actions that will increase the quality standards.

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Health, Safety & Environmental Audits

Apart from quality audits and reactive reporting, HSE audits include analytics on the findings are a powerful tool for the whole business. This will help you see how it is affecting the bottom line in the long run.

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Safety Walks

The observations you make during safety walks are important, so it's time to digitise them. Keep and preserve data from your past walks, to compare and generate an overview of the state of your facilities.

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