Shopping Centre Case Study


Previously, reporting at Finland’s largest shoppingcentre, Itis, was done as Word files, from which statistics were compiled with Excel. Recording incidents took up a lot of the time of the monitoring centre workers.

The adoption of the application has made reporting significantly easier and speeded up the clearing up of safety and security deviations. The internal communications of the property have also improved significantly.


Itis, Finland’s largest and most international shopping centre opened its doors in 1984. There are 17 million customer visits to the shopping centre every year. Per day, that means nearly50,000 visits. There are more than 150 stores and numerous cafes and restaurants at Itis. The shopping centre was comprehensively renovated in 2011-2014.

The Itis Shopping Centre is owned by the property investment company Wereldhave N.V. and it is run by Wereldhave FinlandLtd. The portfolio of Wereldhave includes, apart from Itis, manyshopping centres in the Netherlands, Belgium and France.The shares of Wereldhave are listed on the NYSE EuronextAmsterdam (AMX) stock exchange.


Safety and security monitoring includes tasks of various kinds. At Itis, the most common work tasks relate to providing information to people, making comments and inspections of the façade. Removal of people who cause a disturbance from the premises of the shopping centre and inspection rounds of the WCs are also amongst the most common safety and security monitoring tasks.

Before the adoption of the application, the dutyperson in the security monitoring centre of Itis collated the incidents in a daily report. The reports were done as Word files.

“Because Itis is a large site and there are many incidents, having one person recording them took up a lot of the time of the monitoring centre worker. In addition, all the incidents were announced by radio, meaning that the internal radio channel was constantly engaged,” says theSecurity and Cleaning Manager of Itis, Matias Lehtomäki.“Previously, the compiling of statistics also took up a considerable amount of time when each incident had to be transferred from Word to a suitable Excel statistics category.”

In addition to monitoring of safety and security, time was taken up by the reporting of actions that occurred at the info point. The most common entries at the info point are providing guidance to people, lost property enquiries, calls, the sale of gift cards and the lending of prams.


“After the adoption of the application, a considerable amount of time has been saved in the monitoring of safety and security, now that reporting can be done directly in conjunction with the field operations by one person. In addition, incidents are transferred directly to statistics,” relates Lehtomäki. “Most security monitoring personnel are well accustomed to using mobile devices, so the reporting was received favourably. The duty persons in the monitoring centre were particularly pleased with not having to record the actions of safety and security monitoring any more alongside their own work.”


Many concrete things have improved. “Contact between the safety and security monitoring and the property management has become easier, now that reporting can be followed in real time,” Matias Lehtomäki says approvingly. “Pictures to be attached to the incident and the dialogue carried out in the comment field have speeded up the clearing up of safety and securitydeviations. In addition, the radio network of safety and security monitoring is now not burdened as much by so-called reporting discussion”.

The Security and Cleaning Manager Lehtomäki says that reporting was already fairly detailed at Itis before, so the adoption of the application did not radically change the amount of safety and security observations.But “however the system also makes the recording of other instances of customer assistance possible as well. Previously, these weren’t reported at all,” says Lehtomäki. “The application frees up several hours of the time of safety and security monitoring every day, so that other tasks can be taken care of instead of reporting.”

100 000 m2
Gross Leasable Area
17 million
Annual Visitors
Stores / Restaurants / Services
3 years
In Cooperations with Plan Brothers

“ has made moving to completely mobile reporting possible and improved the internal communications of the property. has been tailor-made in co-operation with Plan Brothers to meet the needs of our property.”

Matias Lehtomäki, Security and Cleaning Manager

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