At HopLop, safety is a key part of the service and is managed on mobile devices


At indoor playgrounds and parks, customer safety is part of the services and has been a part of everyday life for HopLop since its inception. Since 2016, Hoplop's safety work has been led by Plan Brothers Oy's mobile solutions incy.io and audits.io.

Joona Hietasola, one of the founders of the company, has been pleased with the usability of the platform and the collaboration with Plan Brothers Oy from the start: “When we were looking for a solution, Plan Brothers’ systems met all of our criteria. Visually understandable, easy-to-use and logical entity in every way possible!”

HopLop conducts safety inspections twice a day and semi-annual season audits both with audits.io, and internal and external incidents, customer incidents and security incidents with incy.io.


HopLop, which runs a total of 22 indoor playgrounds in Finland and Germany, has since 2006 met the innate need for adventure and play for children and their parents. Today, the organization, which employs more than 400 employees, serves over a million children and half a million parents each year.

In addition to sports activities and restaurant services that bring children and parents together, HopLop's range of services includes a very popular birthday party service. HopLop's annual turnover is approximately 20 million euros.


In HopLop's industry, indoor playground safety is part of the service, and prior to working with Plan Brothers, both safety inspections and incident reports were made using traditional paper forms that then had to be retained at binder archives for years.

In addition to the lack of electronic archiving, headaches were caused by slow information flow and lack of reporting, which led the management to consider the importance of solving the problem. "We first thought about developing our own tool to solve the problem, but after seeing the Plan Brothers solution, we quickly realized that it is much wiser to implement a system that is developing independently of us," Hietasola says.


The system was implemented quickly and efficiently in all playgrounds at once. The results began to show up quickly: “Of course, the paper document has its own challenges, but the improvement in the speed of responding to the shortcomings surprised us. Now, the limiting factor is virtually a human error if the employee forgets to record the defect or incident in the system.”

As another big benefit, Hietasola mentions the opportunity for centralized management to improve the process. “We can add questions and sections on-the-go to safety inspections and flexibly add new incident categories to incy.io. As a good example of this year, we have raised the importance of occupational safety, and added new types of incidents for these. None of this needed any help from Plan Brothers.”

Naturally, the accumulated data and analytics in Hoplop are also part of everyday life. "As a frequency metric, we track deviations per ten thousand children, and Plan Brothers' flexible solutions have enabled more effective tracking of this."

As a forward-looking organization aware of the changing business environment, HopLop is always looking for partners that can develop their approach and are willing to innovate with HopLop. Hietasola therefore strongly recommends Plan Brothers to other organizations looking for better solutions for safety management and mobile documentation. “Customer understanding is unique at Plan Brothers and they have clearly developed the system further with the user experience in mind. Please do not, under any circumstance, stop here!” Hietasola concludes the interview.

Indoor playgrounds
over 300
over 1,5M
Annual visitors

“When we were looking for a solution, Plan Brothers’ systems met all of our criteria. Visually understandable, easy-to-use and logical entity in every way possible!”

Joona Hietasola, Partner

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